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Corporate Finance: The Expert Ally Program

The Expert Ally Program is a corporate finance curriculum that focuses primarily on valuation techniques, transaction structuring and consulting with business owners. With an aging baby-boom generation, it is critically important that lenders be well-versed on the subject of valuation and transfer of ownership. With case studies as a backdrop, these seminars reinforce the vocabulary and skill sets necessary for bankers to proactively strategize with CEOs and business owners to earn the status of Expert Ally.

Corporate Finance Fundamentals & Valuation Techniques


This seminar builds on Module 4 in the Credit Risk Training Program. Participants use NPV and IRR calculations to understand how management makes investment decisions. Topics covered include: free cash flow, cost of equity, WACC, terminal value and enterprise value. Participants explore how valuation techniques which stress the link between market multiples and discounted cash flow can be integrated into their daily work with clients.


Structuring Transactions Using Valuation


Designed as an extension of the previous course, this seminar takes corporate finance theory and valuation techniques into actual practice. Participants value a company from the perspective of both buyer and seller by calculating free cash flow and using their own cost of capital based on a prospective capital structure of their design. Qualitative factors such as management continuity and potential co-investment rights are explored. Participants create competitive bids for the acquisition target.


The Expert Ally Seminar


Building on the skill sets developed in the first two seminars, the goal of this course is for senior relationship managers to generate more productive conversations with their customers and to position themselves as an Expert Ally on the subject of value, change of ownership and capital structuring. Using 2 case studies, participants learn how to present corporate finance solutions that can create value for their customerís shareholders while generating fee income opportunities for the bank.



Herter Associates has worked closely with Pimley & Pimley, Inc., one of its Instructional Partners, to develop this curriculum. Herter Associates licenses cases and course material from Pimley & Pimley that are an integral part of this curriculum. These seminars can be customized to meet your institutionís specific training objectives.



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